Helping women Love Thy Self by turning their pain into a superpower!

Did you know that YOU are a powerful divine being with untapped potential and abilities??   


I'm here to tell you that you're powerful BEYOND measure! Those deep desires of your heart, those dreams you wish for, they are already yours! You just have to trust and believe that you alone are capable of creating a life filled with meaning and purpose! 


How does one achieve this you might ask? By tapping into the most painful parts of your story. We all have things that we've hidden from the world and even ourselves. But its those very things that we need to face head on so we can heal, be real, and live the life that we truly want!


The time is NOW! I'm here to help, guide, and support you along your journey.  

"The wound is where the light enters you"- Rumi

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Grace Calo

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