About me

My Philosophy

Being of service is my passion! My career experience has given me  opportunities to work various roles within the foster care system, and even a locked psychiatric hospital. I've seen and heard a lot while helping individuals and families manage their lives and process severe trauma. I combine my previous work aesthetics, along with spirituality to provide an intense life coaching style that will transform your life!



I'm not in the business of sugar coating things or beating around the bush. I'm upfront, honest, transparent, and loving. I believe this style is most impactful for my clients who want to experience REAL change! See, I already KNOW how capable you are, even if you don't know that about yourself. I'm here to show you a way out of the rut you are in, but you must be willing to do YOUR work. I'm not here to mess around. This is YOUR life and I think its an extremely valuable one! I genuinely care and want to help! 

My Story

In 2018 I made the courageous decision to leave my 9-year toxic marriage and embark on a journey of self-love/ self-discovery. I was anxious, depressed, and had no idea what my life would turn into. All I knew is that I wanted to create a life of purpose and meaning for myself and daughter. On this journey, I was able to go deep within my psyche, heal from childhood trauma, and understand the relationship with my mind, body, and soul.


I figured out that the goal of life was to become the master of this three-part system to integrate them in order to become an efficient human-being. This took a lot of work and I taught myself how to communicate and understand the language our bodies speak. This allowed me to finally connect with my own consciousness in a way that revolutionized my life.


Now I’m on a mission to do whatever it takes to help others embark on their own self love journey. In my personal opinion, I believe that self-love is the absolute KEY to a truly successful life!


I may not know everything but I am confident about one thing: I know that we all want to be loved and to love others. This CANNOT be done without the love of self first!!! 


My purpose in life is to love, educate, support, counsel, and coach individuals and communities in ways that allow them to take the driver seat and master their own minds!

My Training
Master of Social Work

Azusa Pacific University 2014

Bachelor Of Science (Child/Adolescent Studies)

Cal State Fullerton 2007

“Thank you for helping me find that burning light I know I've always had! Your encouragement, support, and words of wisdom shine very profoundly in my heart!” Marie, F.
“Grace has helped to inspire me on my spiritual journey by providing me space to be my genuine authentic self. She has helped me to see life in a new way.”
Rose, G.

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Grace Calo

Mindset Coach

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