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It was just a few ago when I was living in a lifeless marriage. I had been married for 9yrs at that point to a decent man. We had a modest home, good careers, and an amazing daughter. To outsiders we were living the American dream. However, I was dying inside.


I wanted desperately to feel deeply connected to my husband and be "seen". I always knew there was more than what I was experiencing in the relationship department, and life in general. Oftentimes I felt like we were oil and water clashing and bickering most of the time. We tried couples counseling, I went to therapy, and we tried communicating more. Our connection was still off and I was getting lonelier and more lost as time went on.


I began to suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. I couldn't articulate it at the time but my relationship was not in alignment with my core being and was not a reflection of what I knew I deserved. 

But how was I ever going to leave? That was the million dollar question. I had really low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, and a crap ton of fear. I also didn't want to cause my husband pain or break up our family system. I was always considerate of others, isn't that how we are taught to be as women?? I wanted more to life and I knew I needed to leave in order to do that. 

I started to detach from the illusions that kept me hostage. I let go of the expectations I had of my marriage. I stopped lying to myself and realized I ALONE was causing my own suffering.

So I decided to dare greatly, leave my marriage, and embark on a journey of SELF-LOVE. This took me down a beautiful rabbit hole where I was able to create a level of strength I never knew I possessed. What I was searching for all those years was MYSELF!! And when I found me I fell MADLY in love!


This journey didn't come without challenges as I healed from deep childhood traumas. I taught myself how to understand the language my body was speaking to me through energy, and was able to heal and release painful emotions and feelings. The result was a love, peace, and understanding that  can't be described in words!


Now I'm here to help other women Love Thy Self and create a life filled with meaning and purpose!

My Philosophy

Being of service is my passion! My career experience has given me  opportunities to work various roles within the foster care system, and even a locked psychiatric hospital. I've seen and heard a lot while helping individuals and families manage their lives and process severe trauma. I combine my previous work aesthetics, along with spirituality to provide an intense life coaching style that will transform your life!



I'm not in the business of sugar coating things or beating around the bush. I'm upfront, honest, transparent, and loving. I believe this style is most impactful for my clients who want to experience REAL change! See, I already KNOW how capable you are, even if you don't know that about yourself. I'm here to show you a way out of the rut you are in, but you must be willing to do YOUR work. I'm not here to mess around. This is YOUR life and I think its an extremely valuable one! I genuinely care and want to help! 

My Training
Master of Social Work

Azusa Pacific University 2014

Bachelor Of Science (Child/Adolescent Studies)

Cal State Fullerton 2007

“Thank you for helping me find that burning light I know I've always had! Your encouragement, support, and words of wisdom shine very profoundly in my heart!” Marie, F.
“Grace has helped to inspire me on my spiritual journey by providing me space to be my genuine authentic self. She has helped me to see life in a new way.”
Rose, G.

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Grace Calo

Mindset Coach

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